Swap your skills & services

How does it work?

The way I propose it would work would be a trade swap of equal value e.g. a 5 page website with blog in return for 1 month’s personal training or accommodation with meals or a Facebook business page and marketing in return for a Tattoo or Scooter hire etc..

So if your business covers any of these or anything else not listed and you would like my services as a free direct swap, then please contact me to discuss.

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Swap you skills, services and trades.

It's never always about money! We all have important services and skills that others want but can't afford to pay for so why not swap them?

I have come across numerous small businesses in the past that have told me that they would love to have a new website for their business or a Facebook business page set up and run, but simply do not have the budget to have it.
Well this got me thinking and on many occasions they were actually providing services that I myself wanted and would have to pay for. So why not simply agree a deal and swap each other our services. So in return for a website I received 1 months accommodation. In return for setting up a Facebook business page I received 1 weeks meals. In return for another website I received a tattoo. You see how it works? We all have some skills that someone else needs and normally have to pay for so why not strike up a deal.
I have had a think about some of the services I require as a Digital Nomad, every day things that I normally have to pay for. So below is a list (and by no means complete), of services and skills that I personally might require and would be prepared to swap my services freely for. Take a look and if you recognise yours and would be interested in a deal, get in touch!

Personal Training / Fitness training / Classes etc
Accommodation and meals
Scooter hire
Personal services such as cook, cleaning, laundry etc.
Personal chauffeur / Tour guide and transport etc
Tattoo services
Massage and Spa services
Dentistry and Cosmetic Surgery
Outdoor pursuits / experiences etc.
Tuition in a new subject, language or skill
Videography for my website Blog, marketing and other digital services
Graphic design services
Basically the list could be endless. I am always open to discussion so if you want anything from me and think you have a service that I might need, please get in touch.