Getting the monkey off my back!

Finally the time has come to get the monkey off my back, break free the shackles and finally do what I want to do, go where […]

Getting down with the Chang!

Fantastic day with the elephants at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai. Another fantastic experience was in Chiang Mai north Thailand when we had a day visiting […]

In the footsteps of DiCaprio!

I may not have the looks of Leonardo DiCaprio but we have one thing in common, we stepped on the same magnificent “Beach”. Hat Maya, the […]

It’s not all websites and SEO

All work and no play makes Chris a bad boy! Starting for once in a very long time to find that work lift balance and what […]

Web design, SEO & Social media services Worldwide

I have been building websites for businesses for the last 7 years and have a portfolio of over 500 clients all over the world.
I have well over 100 of my clients websites at number 1 on Google (including my own of course!) and literally 1000’s of 1st page search results on Google, put simply my websites work for your business.

I also provide SEO – search optimisation services for existing websites and social media services such as setting up and even running Facebook and Twitter business pages to help market your business and build valuable exposure.

I have always maintained that so long as I have my trusty laptop and good internet I could do my job anywhere in the world. Well now I am! I have decided to join the ranks of the Digital Nomads and do just that.
- Chris Taylor - The Digi Nomad

Call or text: +44 (0)7930 817911

Line ID: chrisinchiangmai

Web design

I build affordable websites that many other companies would and do charge substantially more for.

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Search engine optimisation. I have a proven track record of getting clients websites found on Google.

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Social Media

I provide services such as setting up Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn business pages.

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Trade Swap

Swap your services in return for mine! Whether you need a website or Social media, let's deal.

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